April 14, 2015
Overseas volleyball coach spurred by Vincentian players’ enthusiasm

Canadian Volleyball coach Sean McKay is impressed by the young Vincentians’ eagerness to learn the sport.

McKay, who is in St Vincent and the Grenadines for four months, a guest of the SVG Volleyball Association, made his feelings clear in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT at the Girls’ High School hard court.{{more}}

“One thing I can say is that the kids that I have come into contact with, they love to play,” Mc Kay confessed.

His commendation came against the backdrop of several factors which could hinder development of the sport.

“They don’t have the best facilities, they don’t have indoor courts, they don’t have lights on all the courts, but they will play till dark, until they can’t even see the ball, but they will keep playing…. These are encouraging things,” Mc Kay noted.

However, the coach said that despite the willingness to learn and “definitely a lot of natural talent at the highest level,” a lot of work has to be done.

He said while here, he plans to work with the local coaches to develop the players’ technical abilities.

But McKay’s main focus is adding on to the grassroots programme, as well as planting the sport’s seeds in the primary school system.

“There is a big lack at the primary schools presently, so we are trying to build that … We need to build a base …We also have to get the kids to love the game… That comes with a modified version of volleyball … At this age, we don’t need to specialize,” he charged.

Overall, McKay is aiming to leave a big impression on the game here after his four-month stint is complete.

The St Vincent and the Grenadines Volleyball Association secured the services of McKay with support from the National Sports Structure of the National Olympic Committee of St Vincent and the Grenadines.(RT)