March 10, 2015
Calliaqua club donates funds to injured footballer

Injured GTM Prospect footballer Dominic Smart has received a monetary donation from his club.

Smart suffered a broken right leg during the Hairoun Beer Calliaqua League semi-final match-up against the SVG Coastguard earlier this year.{{more}}

Last Sunday, the sum of $1,000 was handed over to him by some of his team-mates at the Victoria Park.

The donation was realized from a recent fund-raising effort put on by the club at the Calliaqua Playing Field.

In accepting the donation, Smart thanked his team mates for their interest in him.

“I thank my players for what they have done for me and thank God, for it could have been worse,” Smart said.

Observing that he has to endure discomfort, Smart is set to undergo a third operation sometime soon, but is not daunted by his injury and plans to return to the sport in the shortest possible time.(RT)