December 9, 2014
Sion Hill on the double again in area netball competition

C and R Enterprises Sion Hill pressed the repeat button last Thursday evening, to complete the double for the second straight year, by taking the knock out competition of the second division of the Vita Malt Sion Hill tournament.{{more}}

But it was no walk in the park at the Sion Hill Playing Field hard court, as the host only won by a single goal over Netters.

Netters had controlled the game in the first three quarters, leading 12-9, 20-18 and 28-27, but Sion Hill scraped home 37-36.

For Sion Hill, Sandra Carrington scored 24 of her 38 attempts and Coreen Yorke had 13 of her 19, while for Netters, Tamisha Baptiste registered 19 of 29 and Carlene Douglas — 17 of her 24.

And, when the tournament closed off last Saturday, Young Strugglers added the knock out title to the league, by inflicting a 58-44 beating on Pine Hill Nice Radio Clinchers.

Young Strugglers have continued the trend in first division, left by the RP Ballers.

The star studded RP Ballers won double titles in 2010, 2011 and 2013.

However, new tournament rules prevented RP Ballers from entering as a single unit.

With the dismantling for the Sion Hill tournament, the RP Ballers players have been dispersed into other teams, with Young Strugglers being one of the beneficiaries.

With both divisions with a single winner in both competitions, it was Netters and Clinchers, who were also runners- up in the league competition.

Docking in third in the second division league competition was Sydney Strikers, with Combined Girls, the third place in the first division.(RT)