SVGFF still searching for goal number two
August 22, 2014

SVGFF still searching for goal number two

The St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF) is still in search of its second goal project, even though goal project one is still incomplete.{{more}}

Plans for a second project were disallowed recently, when the regional confederation officials of CONCACAF ruled off- side a proposal to purchase a building owned by the Anglican Church.

President of the SVGFF Venold Coombs had informed the public that the premises located just outside the main entrance of the Victoria Park would have been purchased to erect an administrative centre.

However, last week, Coombs confirmed to SEARCHLIGHT that the plans have been shelved.

“We did receive the okay…. The preference to buy, but we had different parties involved with the valuation and as a result of that, it was stated that cost became a factor,” Coombs confirmed.

The SVGFF intended to purchase 14,000 square feet of the 19,582 square foot property, which also houses an abandoned building.

Reports are that FIFA officials were not impressed with the building and thought it was a waste of money.

Football’s world governing body FIFA provides US$400,000 to member associations to carry out its projects.

But Coombs accepted that the cost of the administrative centre would have outstripped the FIFA funding.

Indications are that it would have cost the SVGFF US$675,000 to purchase the property and another US$500,000 for its renovation.

Another option was to purchase another building in Kingstown, but this too did not meet the consent of FIFA development officer for the CONCACAF region Howard Mc Intosh, who made a site visit here recently.

An optimistic Coombs stated: “Based on advice, we are looking around… We have a goal project committee; the goal project committee met and they are going to look at some different areas and come up with something, at least a place that would be acceptable to all, including FIFA… It was discussed at the committee level, so beyond that we will be informed about the progress.”

The establishment of a goal project committee was one of the stipulations handed down by FIFA officials, who met with the SVGFF delegation in Brazil in June.

Reports are that previous decisions on such matters were in the main done and carried by president Coombs.

Goal project one, which is a technical centre built at the Brighton Playing Field, is yet to be commissioned.

Started by the Joseph Delves executive in 2011, the project still has some work to be done.

Coombs told SEARCHLIGHT: “What we have to do now is just to put on the gate, put on burglar bars and make sure that the plumbing is okay, because you had a little defect with the plumbing… We have to make sure that it is fully completed and put furniture in it.”

Apart from the building which is equipped with dorms and other amenities to house two teams, the technical centre includes the use of the Brighton Playing Field for training purposes.

It was promised by the SVGFF’s point man on the project Raymond Trimmingham that a “soft opening” was forthcoming before Christmas 2013, but this never materialised.

Coombs could not give SEARCHLIGHT a new date for the technical centre’s opening. (RT)