New TASVG Technical Director lays down 10 pillars
January 21, 2014

New TASVG Technical Director lays down 10 pillars

Newly appointed Technical Director of Team Athletics SVG Chester Morgan has put down 10 pillars which he feels could move the sport of track and field forward.{{more}}

His 10 pillars are bounded by the executive’s objective of attaining increased mass participation in different events and his personal goal of getting greater regional and international recognition for local athletes.

“To this end, I have created 10 pillars, which are athletes, coaching, parents/guardians, competitions, officials, leadership, sport science and medicine, facilities, press/media and sponsorship,” Morgan told SEARCHLIGHT last Saturday.

Detailing some of what he has done since taking up the post, Morgan said: “I have done a SWOT analysis with the coaches, which was the basis for the formulation of the 10 pillars… From that, I have developed a long term athlete development plan, whereby you specify different events and activities which should be done at different age groups”.

But key to the implementation of the pillars, Morgan acknowledged that there is the issue of the interpersonal relationships among some of the coaches.

“As the technical director, when I come up with an idea, I will go around to the different coaches, put it to them, listen to them and do my own analysis,” Morgan disclosed.

Well aware that he does not have all the answers to the problems faced by track and field in SVG and that he is relatively young in the sport, Morgan stated that he is willing to learn from others.

“I foresee my job to be a challenging one, because at first, some of the other coaches said that I was too inexperienced and too young for the job, but I am willing to work with anyone, gain experience from anyone,” he said.

Morgan, who is better known for his footballing prowess, having captained both the St Vincent and the Grenadines Under-23 and senior teams, is a graduate of the Universidad Deportiva del Sur in Venezuela.

On his return in 2011, after completing his five years of study, Morgan became heavily involved in track and field, and last year formed his own club Negative To Positive (NTP).

Recognising his tenacity in the sport, Team Athletics SVG, through the National Olympic Committee of St Vincent and the Grenadines, facilitated his attendance at a three month course at the Taishe University in Canada.(RT)