GTC uproots all junior tennis tournaments in 2014
January 3, 2014
GTC uproots all junior tennis tournaments in 2014

The Grassroot Tennis Club (GTC) will not host any junior tennis tournaments in 2014; instead it will give way to the executive of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Tennis Association.{{more}}

At the closing of the SVG General Services Limited Christmas tournament recently, head of the GTC Grant Connell made this known.

“ ….Next year, since the association is now back in full form, we must play our role and give the association their due respect. Next year, the three tournaments (Junior) that we usually have, we will have to vacate…. The association has put their tournaments there and Grassroot has no choice but to respect that. It is where the points will be; that’s where the juniors have to play.

“… Get us on court, get the juniors on court, provide events and we will be there,” Connell assured.

The GTC head man said instead, in 2014, the GTC will be engaging in the staging of the senior tournaments.

Connell added that the GTC was happy to play the “lifeboat” role in the last four years by ensuring that junior tennis kept its head above the water and the sport remained afloat.

He noted that through the installation of the Miles Boyea led executive, the national tennis ship is now seaworthy, manned by an able captain and competent crew members.

The GTC served off its operations in February 2010, and has since hosted 10 junior tennis tournaments.

The first was the SVG General Services Limited Christmas tournament, staged in December 2010.

Other than the Christmas tournament, the GTC has held the Milo Easter tournament, as well as the annual summer tournament, which dovetailed with the summer camp.

And, there has been no shortage of talent which has emerged since these tournaments were conceptualized. During the unearthing process, the likes of Antonio Cain, Ariel De Roche, Shania Williams and Kamara Williams, among others, have surfaced. (RT)