Taekwondo final grading tomorrow
December 20, 2013
Taekwondo final grading tomorrow

Tomorrow Saturday, December 21, about 20 adult students of the Yin Yang Martial Arts and Fitness Centre will come face to face with their examiners in their final taekwondo grading of the year.{{more}}

From 1400 hours, the establishment, situated in Middle Street, will echo to the grunts of effort of those practitioners of the Korean martial artform. The students will be seeking to impress the examiners that they are worthy of receiving that much coveted belt above their current rank.

Some may not receive a new belt, but a degree of advancement, again a sign of diligent studies and training in what is arguably the world’s most difficult leg-technique based martial art.

Also tomorrow, Saturday, the taekwondo students will receive certificates for various reasons from the Yin Yang martial arts instructors.

Meanwhile, last Saturday, 12 junior students went through their grading exercises, and although the head instructor admonished them to train harder, they all did pass.

The students, from as young as eight years old, displayed a high level of kicking abilities in many cases, while those who were just beginning displayed an acceptable level of kicking proficiency.

According to an official of the Yin Yang Martial Arts and Fitness Centre: “In today’s world of much social uncertainty, we seek to give persons an opportunity to be able to defend themselves if and when the need arises, and to instill in them the discipline of healthy living.”

He noted that martial arts is a way of life, be it if one is just doing it to remain healthy, or is in the security services of one form or another, or in case of the junior students, give them the early training so they can develop into healthy, intelligent, and progressive thinking citizens.

“Martial art is for everyone. In addition to learning self-defense, the most important aspect is healthy living so the threat of non-communicable diseases will be minimized in the individual,” the official added. (Robertson S. Henry/[email protected])