Sport officials jump rope with joy
December 20, 2013
Sport officials jump rope with joy

Officials of the Department of Sport in the Ministry of Education are jumping rope with joy, and thumping their chests individually and collectively, for a successful inaugural Street20 Cricket and Jump-rope Festival.{{more}}

The Festival, which culminated at the Anos Vale Netball Complex with the Finals in both disciplines, saw scores of students representing various primary schools displaying cricketing talent and an aptitude for jump-rope or skipping as it is more commonly known.

The day commenced with heavy showers threatening to put a stop to the activity, but perseverance by the officials and improved weather conditions saw the day progressing without a hitch.

The heavy rainfall forced Department of Sports’ officials, including Director of Sports Nelson Hillocks into operating the brooms, as they employed an “all-hands-on-deck” approach in an effort to remove water from the courts’ surfaces.

Although this forced a late start, once the action got underway with the Street20 cricket on the two courts, it was just a flurry of activity. Balls were bowled, runs scored, wickets fell as this version of cricket demanded concentration, discipline, quick thinking, yet allowed the participants to have plenty of fun.

It was an all-round display with bat, ball and in fielding by the schools, and after non-stop action amongst the sixteen schools on Friday, it was time for the Finals.

South Rivers Primary and Calder Primary met to do battle for top honours, with South Rivers emerging as champions of the first Primary School Street20 tournament.

Street20 cricket is a version of the game many love in which only twenty balls will be bowled by each team. No-balls and wides are counted as two in addition to any runs scored of them.

Balls hit over the boundary by the batsmen are entered in the score sheets as six, but the scoring batsman is out. Balls hit to the boundary are scored as two and any runs scored off that delivery.

The rules governing Limited Overs Cricket bowling as applicable to wides and no-balls is enforced as with other rules, excluding the leg-before-wicket decisions. This year chucking was allowed by the bowlers as many students we beginners in the game of cricket.

However, it was pointed out that no chucking will be allowed from next year, as all schools will have sufficient time to properly prepare their players for the tournament.

However, before the semi-finals and final of the Street20 cricket, it was judging time for the jump-rope teams from the various schools. It was teams of laughing students who following the instructions of the officials, displayed their levels of skill with the skipping rope.

In the end, it was the Belair Government School taking the top spot, followed by South Rivers in second, and the Paget Farm Government School in third position, as the top three finishers in the Jump-Rope Category. (Robertson S. Henry/[email protected])