St Lucians boost up GTC Christmas Junior Tennis tournament
December 17, 2013
St Lucians boost up GTC Christmas Junior Tennis tournament

Thirteen St Lucians are among 80 Junior Tennis players who are vying for honours in the fourth edition of the SVG General Services Limited tournament.{{more}}

The St Lucians were yachted to St Vincent and the Grenadines last Saturday at a concessionary rate, thanks to an arrangement with Sunsail St Vincent.

And, they were part of the opening ceremony of the 2013 edition, which served off last Monday at the Grassroot Tennis Centre at the Haddon Hotel courts on Murray’s Road and the National Tennis Centre at Villa.

Head of the St Lucian delegation Gemma Lionel told SEARCHLIGHT that she and her players relish the opportunity to test their skills against their Vincentian counterparts.

Lionel, who is also head coach, said that she hopes that the trip here will be the first of many in the fruitful relationship between the Grassroot Tennis Centre and the St Lucia National Tennis Centre.

Meanwhile, managing director of SVG General Services Leroy Edwards said that while he is happy with the efforts of the Grassroot Tennis Club in promoting the sport here, he is dissatisfied with the administration at the national level.

Edwards acknowledged that while there was a new executive in place, headed by Miles Boyea, he believes that more could have been done and more could have been said since they took up office.

Head of the GTC noted that he was in glee to have regional competitors descending on these shores to be part of the tournament.

Connell thanked Sunsail and Simon Carey and the Haddon Hotels for making the St Lucians’ trip affordable.

Connell stated that it was a remarkable feat for the GTC to get the neighbours to journey here, even though his organisation is still at the toddler stage, just two months shy of being four years old.

The GTC has had a Junior Tournament each school vacation since December, 2010; however, come next year December, the national executive has slotted in their tournament for December 15 to 22, which clashes with the GTC’s planned dates.

The 2013 SVG General Services Limited GTC Junior Christmas Tournament sees competition in the Under-6, Under-8, Under-10, Under-12 and Under-14 contested at the Grassroot Tennis Club, with the Under-16, Under-18 and Under-21’s set for the National Tennis Centre at Villa.

The tournament closes off later this week. (RT)