Goal Project building to be opened before Christmas 2013
December 3, 2013
Goal Project building to be opened before Christmas 2013

The building which houses the dormitory and other amenities of the Goal Project One of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation is set to be opened before Christmas.{{more}}

This was assured by Raymond Trimmingham on November 23, during a visit by SEARCHLIGHT to the facility.

While it was originally set to be completed during the latter part of 2011,Trimmingham, who has a special assignment by the Venold Coombs led executive of the SVGFF, disclosed that except for some minor finishings, the building would be in use before year end.

“…There are some pieces of work to be done…. There will be a rail installed, leading to the upper floor and some other finishes to be done,” Trimmingham said.

“There is electricity in already…. Some aspects of the plumbing have to be fine-tuned. We also have to retrofit it with beds, stoves, washing machines and other things which will make here liveable,” he added.

He disclosed that some horticultural sprucing will done to the yard, to enhance the aesthetics of the facility.

Trimmingham, who served on the Joseph Delves executive when the project was conceptualized in 2010, noted that the delay in the opening was because of several factors.

“We had some delays with accessing some funds from FIFA with the change of executive in 2011, as well as there were some issues of a natural cause (Hurricane Tomas) which affected the roads leading to the facility and delayed the transportation of materials to the site”, he reported.

Trimmingham stated that some minor adjustments were done, including the erection of a stairway leading from the balcony of the building. These, he advised, caused further delays and additional cost.

“When the building is fully completed, it will be one beautiful structure, where our national teams can be accommodated and even others can use it for camps, retreats and the like,” Trimmingham stated.

Trimmingham was high in praise for former president of the SVGFF Joseph Delves, under whose watch the project started and Arthur Guy, the quantity surveyor and project manager.

The building, which was constructed by Mornix Construction, houses a dorm to house 40 players, locker areas, conference rooms, lobby, gymnasium, office, laundry and dining area, among other facilities.

The entire Goal Project saw the SVGFF accessing US$400,000, from football world governing body FIFA, which is about EC$1.1 million.

However, it was initially revealed that it would have cost approximately EC$1.7 million.

Apart from the building, the plans included the restoration of a netball court which was displaced by the building and the erection of bleachers on the western side of the Brighton Playing Field.

Also, as an addition to the facility, the former executive acquired a set of portable lights, which cost about US$55,000, to provide lighting that would facilitate practice into the evening.

The SVGFF in 2010 was able to get the Brighton Playing Field leased to them to facilitate the Goal Project – a technical centre.

The SVGFF, during the time of the lease, has responsibility for the upkeep of the Brighton Playing Field and is mandated to share it with the residents and school in the area.(RT)