Another female heads national volleyball set-up
November 26, 2013

Another female heads national volleyball set-up

Alana Mc Master is the new president of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Volleyball Association.{{more}}

This makes her the second female to hold the top spot.

Before her, Claire Thomas served during the late 1990’s up to 2000.

Mc Master’s elevation came as the association staged its Annual General Meeting at the St Vincent Grammar School last Saturday afternoon.

She defeated the incumbent Eardley Martin 12-3 in a two-way duel for the top spot.

But ousted president Eardley Martin told SEARCHLIGHT that he has no malice being defeated, but felt that the elections were “planned, well orchestrated by one club and was a set-up.

“ … It is not the end of me in volleyball… I love volleyball and I will continue my club,” Martin noted.

Mc Master is not new to the administration of volleyball, having served under Martin as treasurer. She held the position for one year, from 2009 to 2010.

Volleyball is not the only national sporting body that Mc Master has served, as she once headed female football under the St Clair Leacock administration in the mid 2000’s.

Like the post of president, that of vice president saw the same margin of victory for Kemaul Lee.

A current national male player, Lee outdid Gary Mathias, as the two contested to be second in command.

Leela Constantine takes up the post of general secretary. She was elected unopposed.

Gary Mathias was voted as the treasurer, overcoming Ayana Baisden in the run-off.

The three committee members elected were Oris Robinson, Nikeisha Lewis and Nikita Campbell.

Saturday’s meeting also heard the executive’s and treasurer’s reports for the last four years, as well as the report from the coaches’ commission.

Mc Master told SEARCHLIGHT that she and her executive will outline their plans for the sport in the very near future.(RT)