Digicel Kick Start football picks to leave state on November 10
November 1, 2013

Digicel Kick Start football picks to leave state on November 10

Three local Under 17 footballers, Deno John, Jowan Sawyers and Kyle Edwards, will depart St Vincent on Sunday, November 10 for Barbados, where they will take part in a week’s training at the Digicel Chelsea Academy.{{more}}

The trio was chosen during the first ever local Digicel Chelsea Kick Start Clinic which took place here on Friday, April 26th 2013, at the Arnos Vale Sporting Complex.

The clinic saw 30 local youngsters vying for the top three available spots and a wild card position, but it was John, Sawyers and Edwards who earned the right to go to Barbados when they showed that they have what it takes to be a modern professional footballer.

They were chosen by three of the world’s best youth coaches from the Chelsea FC Foundation, Chelsea’s International Development Officers Kane Cowburn, Andy Ottley and David Monk (head of delegation).

The Kick Start clinic runs from Monday, November 11 to Sunday November 17. The three youngsters will accompanied by Digicel’s Marketing executive Justin John. The youngsters will be joined by 27 other aspiring young footballers who were chosen from 10 countries in the Caribbean and Central America by three coaches from the Chelsea FC Foundation.

The 30 youngsters will take part in on field as well at theory training and will be mentored on disciple and its importance in the game.

Deno John was born January 1, 1997 and attends the Barrouallie Secondary School. He plays in the central midfield position for his team Pyola.

Jowan Sawyers, who attends the St Vincent Grammar School, was born May 2, 1997 and plays central midfield or left wing for his first division team System 3.

Kyle Edwards, who was born January 15, 1997, attends the Barrouallie Secondary School and plays centre forward for System 3.

The youngsters, who showed speed, agility, awareness and a positive attitude during the training session back in April, will join about 27 other players from throughout the region from countries like Haiti, Suriname, Jamaica and Trinidad.

The Digicel Chelsea Kick Start Academy in Barbados does not only develop talent, but develops social skills that are important in a footballing environment.

Also, the youngsters now have the chance to be part of a Caribbean All Star team that will be chosen after the week’s training. That team will play against the Barbados Under-17 team in a friendly encounter. The Caribbean All Star Football Team will be handpicked by the coaches involved in the week long training.

Digicel sponsors the Kick Start Programme in the region.