Local rugby players impressive – Moody
August 13, 2013
Local rugby players impressive – Moody

Rugby players in St Vincent had the opportunity to train with retired English rugby player Lewis Moody last Thursday, at the Buccama Bay Resort.{{more}}

Sophie Goddard, president of the SVG Rugby Club, explained that the training session was held mainly so that Moody could share his expertise with the members of the various rugby teams.

After the training session, Moody revealed that he was extremely impressed with what he was seeing from local rugby players.

“It’s always difficult when you try to impart a load of information on them, but I thought they picked up really quickly,” the former professional rugby player said.

“I was impressed with some of the young guys”.

Moody, who played rugby professionally for 17 years in the United Kingdom, revealed that this was his second year with the rugby players in St Vincent and that he liked seeing the familiar faces, but new and younger ones as well.

The rugby coach went through basic defense drills with the small group, as well as basic handling drills.

“They picked it up all really well. We did some old drills that they used to do for one of my clubs back in the UK,” Moody said.

Moody, a former Leicester Tiger player, stated that one lesson he wanted to impart on the group was that it is important to have camaraderie on and off the field.

“I was lucky I had a very successful career with a lot of good teams. One of the things I always try to impart on anyone is that, you know, this is a beautiful team sport,” he said. “You play it together on the pitch and off it. It’s that sort of mentality that I always loved about the game. Just seeing the guys enjoying themselves here … that’s always the most important thing for me.”

The national rugby teams train in St Vincent twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Arnos Vale Sporting Complex and facilitates youth programmes in schools.