Diamond Village Playing Field to get pavilion and upgrade
June 21, 2013

Diamond Village Playing Field to get pavilion and upgrade

The Diamond Village Playing Field is in line for an upgrade soon. This was disclosed by parliamentary representative for South Central Windward Saboto Caesar, as he addressed the opening ceremony of the Hairoun Beer/SVG Technical Institute Diamonites Football League last Sunday.{{more}}

Caesar, in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT, said erection of a pavilion, correction of the drainage, grassing of the outfield and the commissioning of a cricket pitch are all in the works.

Caesar said that the upgrades form the second phase of work on the playing field, which was completed in October, 2010.

Pointing to the area, Caesar said: “The pavilion is going to be right behind the goal post at the southern goal post… The estimate thus far is $150,000 and also remedial work for drainage around the field is $25,000”.

Caesar stated that a redo of the drainage has become necessary, as a result of problems which occur whenever there is heavy rainfall.

The parliamentary representative added that some paving would be done to allow vehicular traffic onto the playing field.

Caesar, who is also the Minister of Agriculture, said his ministry will be tapped in addressing the issue of the grassing of the field.

“…. The Ministry of Agriculture has been giving us assistance to deal with the grassing…. Because the competition, when on so long, we had some problems where because of the rain, and we continue playing, a lot of the grass was lost”.

Caesar, however, said the co-operation of the villagers, by using the North Union Playing Field while restorative work was being done on the Diamond Playing Field, ensured it was ready for the 2013 football competition.

And, as part of ongoing work, Caesar said: “We are going to do some application of fertilizer even during the competition, so that we can have the strengthening of the roots of the grass”.

Caesar revealed that at the end of the football competition in September, a cricket competition will held, thus giving villagers another outlet for social interaction.(RT)