Alhap Shipping on board with GTC’s “Bin It” programme
May 3, 2013

Alhap Shipping on board with GTC’s “Bin It” programme

Alhap Shipping, one of the signage holders at the Grassroot Tennis Club (GTC), has strengthened its ties with the club, by providing six bins to be used in the club’s “Bin It” programme.{{more}}

The bright green and orange bins will be placed in strategic places on the interior of the Grassroot Tennis Club’s base at Murray Road.

Dennis Joshua of Alhap Shipping, in handing over the sponsorship cheque, expressed his satisfaction at the transformation of the facility and the high standard at which the facility is kept, hence his company’s decision to contribute further.

For the past two years, the GTC has run the Bin It initiative, aimed at keeping the immediate surroundings clean and green.

The placement of bins, beautification signs, as well as ensuring the area is well kept, are part of the club’s efforts.

Most recently, the club has undertaken to clean the stream opposite the club house and has planted shade and ornamental trees.

And, as the Bin It programme takes root, the GTC is inviting firms and individuals with that social conscience to join in the campaign by contributing in one way or another, so that the unspoiled beauty of St Vincent and the Grenadines is maintained. (RT)