April 5, 2013

Brownies hit the track for Brownie Sports Meet

Local Brownies were on the tracks for their final sports event on Saturday, March 23, at the Sion Hill playing field.{{more}} Winning district teams from 1st Chateaubelair Brownie Pack, 1st Dubois Brownie Pack, No 19 Lodge Village Brownie Pack, 1st Owia Brownie Pack, 1st Park Hill Brownie Pack, 1st Richland Park Brownie Pack and the 1st Sion Hill Brownie Pack, competed for the Rene Baptiste trophy.

They competed in: 60 metre race for 7 to 8 year old Brownies, 100 metres for 9 years and over, 4×100 metres, needle and thread, three-legged race, lime and spoon, wheelbarrow, sack race, obstacle race, bean bag and hoopla.

In the 60 metres, Sion Hill emerged first, 2nd Richland Park and 3rd Park Hill; 100 metres — 1st Dubois, 2nd Sion Hill, 3rd Richland Park; 4 x100 — 1st Richland Park, 2nd Owia, 3rd Sion Hill; Needle and Thread — 1st Chateaubelair, 2nd Owia, 3rd Dubois; Three-legged Race — 1st Dubois, 2nd Chateaubelair 3rd Owia; Lime and Spoon — 1st Park Hill, 2nd Dubois, 3rd Richland Park. Wheelbarrow — 1st Chateaubelair, 2nd Richland Park, 3rd Sion Hill; Sack Race — 1st Park Hill, 2nd Chateaubelair, 3rd Richland Park; Obstacle Race — 1st Lodge Village, 2nd Sion Hill, 3rd Dubois; Bean Bag — 1st Dubois, 2nd Owia, 3rd Chateaubelair. Hoopla — 1st Chateaubelair, 2nd Lodge Village, 3rd Dubois.

Overall winner was 1st Dubois Brownie Pack who received the René Baptiste trophy, donated by President of the Girl Guides Association, René Baptiste, 2nd was 1st Chateaubelair Brownie Pack, and 3rd was 1st Richland Park Brownie Pack. Number 19 Lodge Village Brownie Pack was awarded the ‘most disciplined’ Pack.

Among Guiding officials attending the sports were the President Rene Baptiste, Chief Commissioner Rechanne Browne-Mathias, Commissioner for Leeward Division Heather Stewart, Division Commissioner for the Windward Division Jacqueline Soso-Vincent, and other District Commissioners.