Sunsail charting tennis course in Southern Grenadines
March 28, 2013

Sunsail charting tennis course in Southern Grenadines

The Sunsail Yacht Charter company has added some nautical miles to the Grassroot Tennis Club’s programme, with the sponsorship of the Grenadines Camp.{{more}}

To be known as the Sunsail Grassroot Grenadines Camp, the initiative was anchored last Saturday afternoon, when general manager of Sunsail St Vincent Simon Carey handed over the bunker cheque to head of the Grassroot Tennis Club set-up Grant Connell.

The camp, which sails off in June, will berth on the islands of Canouan, Mayreau and Union Island, with two days allocated for each.

Carey expressed excitement at his company providing the opportunity to young tennis players in the Southern Grenadines, to hone their skills, as well as an outlet for social cohesion.

Carey said his company has an innate compassion to ensure that young persons are adequately positioned to face the challenges of life and navigate them effectively.

As part of the package, Sunsail St Vincent will provide the GTC with one of its yachts out of a fleet of 40 and accommodation throughout the duration of the camp.

The more extensive camp of six days follows an undertaking by GTC in 2011, when one-day camps were staged on the three islands.

Connell in his response said: “… We at the Grassroot Tennis Club are indeed grateful for Sunsail’s benevolence, and especially Carey, for his continued support in making sports in St Vincent and the Grenadines and more so tennis, thrive”.

Connell noted that the input by Sunsail was a clear indication that the company is dedicated to the wholesome development of people.

Looking ahead to the Grenadines camp in an anticipatory mood, Connell said the GTC is looking forward to collaborating with the Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Culture and the Ministry of Education, to have tennis incorporated into the physical education sessions of the schools in the Southern Grenadines.

“We are hopeful that from this camp a coach will be able to visit the islands regularly to make sure that the talent spotted is harnessed,” Connell projected. (RT)