Grenadines Cup back in GTC’s safe
January 25, 2013
Grenadines Cup back in GTC’s safe

The GrenadineS Cup, the symbol of supremacy between the Grassroot Tennis Club (GTC) and the Mustique Tennis Club, is back in the safe at GTC’S Murray’s Road base.{{more}}

The cup made the journey back to the mainland Sunday following a dominating display by the GTC.

And this time, victory was sweeter as it was brewed in the backyard of GTC’s opponents.

GTC took the singles segment 5-0 and 2-1 in the doubles.

In singles play, Garfield Mayers defeated Lindon Garrick — 8-2; Trevor Sam overcame Romeo Diamond also 8-2. Jonathan Perry outdid Tom Healey by the same margin.

Completing the rout, Imani King saw off Rudolph Bailey — 8-3 and Khir Huggins had to draw from his well to outlast Richard Schaffer — 8-7 in a tiebreaker.

Shaffer was cruising to victory before Huggins clawed back to nip the match.

In doubles play, Mayers and Huggins defeated Roger Pritchard and David Morgan 8-4, while King and Perry edged out Diamond and Fiona Cyrus, 8-7.

Shaffer and Brian Alexander were able to pull one from the bag as they overcame Grant Connell and Sam — 8-7.

The win by GTC put the series at 2-1. The next match up is set for after the Easter festivities.

Director of the Mustique Tennis Club Richard Shaffer told SEARCHLIGHT he would like to see this competition grow and is welcoming other clubs in the Grenadines, who are interested in joining in the competitive fun, while promoting tennis on the islands.

He said that despite the fun focus of the competition, there is always a good exhibition of quality tennis. (RT)