James calls it a day on national representation
November 9, 2012

James calls it a day on national representation

Marlon “ Tusty” James is no longer interested in playing football for St Vincent and the Grenadines but wants to be a citizen of Malaysia instead.{{more}}

James made this revelation in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT last Friday.

Current coach of the national senior men’s team Cornelius Huggins had indicated to SEARCHLIGHT recently that he would have liked to have James bolster the team for the second round of the Caribbean Football Cup in Tobago, from November 14 to 18.

However, James confirmed that he has other plans for the rest of his football career.

“I know that the Federation will really like to have my experience and my professionalism and ability on the field, but I have made it clear to the coach already and will make a formal announcement soon.

“… I will be writing to the Federation to let them know too … it comes down to my decision and the way I look at it, I need to do the things which are best for me,” James said.

“ I am 35 going on to 36, and right now St Vincent football is at a transformation, where more of the younger guys are coming through and I think it is time for me to give way to them,” James further said.

James also mentioned that prior to his return to SVG last week, he had discussed the matter with his club officials in Malaysia and local manager Roddy Dowers, and all parties concerned agreed.

“Also the less travelling I do it is best for me, considering my age,” James added.

He stated as well that his Malaysian club is seeking to see how much they can get out of him until he finally hangs up his football boots.

Despite turning down the offer to make his last hurrah at the national level, James wants to see the best for football in SVG.

“I will still give my support to St Vincent and the Grenadines football as much as I can and in any way possible and wish the team all the best in the competition,” he said.

Future plans

James said he wants a career in coaching and prefers to do so in Malaysia, but first has to become a citizen of that country.

James said his club officials have influenced him to seek citizenship from the king of Malaysia, Abdul Halim of Kedahon.

“… It is something that I am going to take seriously on several factors … It is for my personal development and getting forward after my active football career is over,” James remarked.

He said he intends to gain his coaching licence, as he sees a better opening for him in the Asian set-up, but Malaysian citizenship is a prerequisite.

James also said he is revered in these places.

“In Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, I am really known and highly respected … When I go out to certain places, I am treated with royalty from other footballers and fans alike.”

James, who hails from Bequia, began representing SVG in 1995.

His last appearance for SVG was when he captained the team in 2008, during the 2010 world cup campaign, in the unsuccessful home and away tie against Canada.