Longer wait for SVGFF affliliates
October 12, 2012
Longer wait for SVGFF affliliates

Affiliates of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF) who were looking forward to an update on the stewardship of the executive, will have to wait a while longer.{{more}}

This after a general meeting set for this Saturday, October 13, at the SVGFF’s office at Bentinck Square, has been postponed.

The postponement came on Wednesday in a press release from the SVGFF’s secretariat, signed by General Secretary Trevor Huggins, which said: “I wish to inform[ed] you that the General meeting which was schedule[d] to be held on the Saturday 13th October 2012 is being postponed to a date to be announced. This is due to the fact that our auditors needed more time to complete the financial report.”

An attached letter from the auditors, VA Barnwell Associates, dated October 9 and addressed to the SVGFF’s president Venold Coombs said: “We have indicated in our discussion, that for logical reasons of staff scheduling, and the short notice given for the provision of audited financial statements, we would be unable to perform an audit for the originally scheduled AGM of October 13, 2012.”

The letter from the auditors also stated: “Further, whilst we will provide audited financial statement for the first nine months of 2012, these are not constitutionally due.”

The auditors said in the letter they would not be able to begin the audit until October 17 and that the audits should take three weeks.

The auditors indicated that the timely audit was contingent on the availability of all requested financial documents.

The Coombs-led executive was elected on September 24, 2011.

The executive met with some of the affiliates on January 14, when the remaining five committee members were elected.

Since, much of the executive’s business has been dragged into the public domain.

Included into the public spill was the sacking of committee member Guy Lowe in August by Coombs. (RT)