John calls for support for SVGFF’s executive
October 2, 2012
John calls for support for SVGFF’s executive

Chair of the organising committee of the Arnos Vale Football League Michael John has called for support for the executive of the local football federation,{{more}} especially its president, Venold Coombs.

John’s call came on Saturday at the opening of the 2012 Hairoun Beer/Comsports sponsored competition, at the Arnos Vale Two Playing Field.

“I want you to give your support to Mr Venold Coombs and his executive. Football is a wonderful game and we cannot sit back and allow this beautiful game, which so much of us love, to go a begging,” John said.

“Now is the time [that] Mr Coombs and his executive need the support of all the football people … I think it is an injustice for people to elect an executive and leave them to function on their own. Football is not like that,” he added.

John said he was playing his part by being the driving force behind the Arnos Vale Football League and other initiatives.

He and Coombs were engaged in a verbal competitive media campaigning in the run-up to the elections of the current executive on September 24, 2011.

Coombs defeated John at the presidential race 44-22, with the other candidate, Patrick Horne gaining two votes.

Director of Physical Education and Sports Nelson Hillocks echoed John’s call on Saturday.

“I agree with the statement and I want to align myself with this and let us all give our support … when it is election time we will campaign … so players, officials, the media all of us, we need to support the executive and support the sport,” said Hillocks, who spoke on behalf of Minister of Sports and parliamentary representative for West St George Cecil “Ces” McKie.

Coombs listed for the gathering some of the achievements of his executive during its first year of stewardship.

Among them, Coombs named the improvements in the FIFA rankings as a major accomplishment.

When Coombs’ executive came to office in September 2012, St Vincent and the Grenadines stood at 158 on the ranking table.

The latest rankings show this country at position 136.

Acting manager of the National Sports Council Cecil Charles also spoke at the ceremony.

The 2012 Arnos Vale Football League marks a return of the competition after a one-year break. (RT)