June 29, 2012
Vinsave snatches Pre- school Tennis title

The Vinsave Pre-school wrote its name in this country’s history books, when it was crowned the first ever Pre-schools Tennis champion.{{more}}

The three-day Pine Hill/ Grassroot tournament was staged at the Grassroot Tennis Club and concluded last Friday morning with the final.

Vinsave narrowly saw off Rainbow Unique in the final 86-85. The two emerged from the preliminary round, which saw participation of six pre-schools in two groups of three.

Speaking at last Friday’s final, President of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Tennis Association Anthony Mc Kenzie said that the Grassroot Tennis Club adds this value to a basic Tennis facility.

“We can only wish that we can have similar programmes that can incorporate this age group, as well as those that graduate from this age group,” McKenzie said.

He called on the Tennis fraternity to also have similar programmes for older students.

Meanwhile, La Toya Hull, Pine Hill’s representative, reasoned that the inter-pre-school tournament augurs well for Tennis in St Vincent and the Grenadines and described it as “an excellent idea”.

She said that such a tournament held for children at such a tender age instills sportsmanship and the innovations done at the Grassroot Tennis Club, which involve agriculture, teaching one to feed oneself, further assist in the scope of development of the children.

President of the National Olympic Committee Trevor Bailey urged the enthusiastic pre-schoolers to continue playing Tennis, as it could lead to their participating in the Olympic Games.

Meanwhile, Grant Connell of the GTC told SEARCHLIGHT that he was also pleased with the response to the tournament.

Connell was especially heartened by the performance of the First Impressions Pre-school of Mesopotamia, which he said was only involved in the pre-school programme at the GTC for three weeks, yet put in a creditable effort.

He hoped that more pre schools will enter in next year’s tournament.

Connell, however, called on coaches to stop erecting unnecessary barriers and let the children soar to their fullest potential.

Friday’s activities climaxed with fun events for the six participating schools.

The other pre-schools who were in the inaugural tournament were the Methodist Pre-school, the Salvation Army and the Questelles Christian Church. (RT)