April 20, 2012
BASMC Domino Tournament off to an exciting start

The Biabou Area Sports Management Committee (BASMC) official started their 2012 South Windward Domino Tournament last Friday, April 13, 2012, in Biabou and Cedars.{{more}}

In Friday’s Game 1 in Biabou at Sip & Chat Bar, Shed Boys (Stubbs) defeated the Sip & Chat Stikers (Biabou) 25 games to 14 games.

In Game 2 in Cedars at Pona Simon Heroes (Simon) defeated Rough Top (Cedars) 25 games to 23 games.

In Saturday’s Game 1 in Bridgetown at Kankas Bar, Old Wall (Peruvian Vale) defeated Rootsman Strikers (Brigdetown) 25 games to 24 games, in Game 2 in Upper Calder, Missile (Calder) defeated Choice Village Roof Top (Choice Village) 25 games to 12 games.

This weekend will see in Game 1, on Friday, April 20, 2012, Cash Flow (Calder) and Iron (Calder) at Sorrow’s Bar in Calder and in Game 2, Hands of Steel (Peruvian Vale) and Boston Tigers (Victoria Village) at Small Panty Bar in Peruvian Vale.

Saturday, April 21, 2012, Game 1, Rough Top (Cedars) will play Missile (Upper Calder) at Pona’s Bar in Cedars and in Game 2, Sip & Chat Stikers (Biabou) will play Old Wall (Peruvian Vale) at Peruvian Vale on the Main.