January 17, 2012

President of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF) Venold Coombs and newly elected Committee Member Clemroy “Bert” Francois have decided to mend fences,{{more}} and work together in the interest of Football.

Francois was elected last Saturday, when the SVGFF held a General Meeting to complete its Executive.

The meeting was staged at the SVGFF’s office at Bentinck Square.

But, prior to the election of the five members, Coombs named Francois as a “known obstructionist” to the development of Football here.

Coombs in clarifying his comments, later told SEARCHLIGHT “It was he (Francois) who unleashed things in the media, which have been inflated, simple things which have been addressed by us”.

Coombs and Francois have been at loggerheads, since the SVGFF’s general elections on September 24.

Francois, who ran on the slate of the defeated presidential candidate Michael John, has used the airwaves to criticise the Coombs-led executive.

At the September 24 elections, Francois lost to Paul Boucher in his quest to become the SVGFF’s Third Vice President.

In responding to Coombs’ “obstructionist” comment, Francois told SEARCHLIGHT “It was unfortunate that was said.

“To be honest, I do not hold malice and I have put that behind me and moving on,” Francois said.

“I have been elected now, and will bring all of my experience to bear on the Executive,” Francois, a former FIFA approved referee added.

Francois, who is undoubtedly the most knowledgeable person here on Refereeing matters, sees the need for the SVGFF to address the areas of Refereeing and the Constitution.

He promises to be an advocate for the two crucial subjects during his tenure.

Another elected Committee Member, a former member of past executives, Earl “Caba” Bennett, in accepting congratulations on his appointment by shaking Coombs’ hand, stated openly that he was doing so reservedly.

Bennett, though, admitted that he will not do anything to derail the sport.

Believing that the past should be left behind, Coombs further told SEARCHLIGHT “They must realise that they are on a team now, and work in the best interest to see Football go forward in St Vincent and the Grenadines.”

Apart from Francois and Bennett, the other Committee Members are Othneil Douglas, Dwight Roberts and Yolande London.

At the September 24 elections last year, Coombs made his two selections, when he appointed Guy Lowe and Dominic Stowe as his Committee Members.(RT)