December 16, 2011

Biabou T/20 Softball Cricket Competition heading home

The Biabou T/20 Softball Cricket Competition is nearing completion, with the last of the preliminary round matches decided last weekend.{{more}}

Gaining wins at the Biabou Playing Field last Saturday and Sunday were Damage Boys Reload, Byera Linkers, Sting Power Nice Radio Clinchers and Glen United.

Reload posted 133 all out against Bank of SVG All Stars, with Ronald Medford and Dellorn Johnson both making 22.

Eddie Peters 4, for 25, and Glenroy Dasent, 3 for 30, were the principal wicket takers for All Stars, which replied with 127 for 7 from their 20 overs, to give Reload the victory by six runs. Newborn Joseph led the way with 84. Richie Richards, with 2 for 15, was Reload’s most successful bowler.

Y De Lima Hot Spurs was dismissed for 66. Ceon Padmore struck a topscore of 30. Orlanzo Jackson took 2 for 10, and Ronique Warren, 2 for 7.

In response, Andrew Lewis blasted 47, as Linkers rushed to 69 for 1 to win by nine wickets.

Biabou was shot out for 45. Javon Nero and Travis Cumberbatch both took 3 for 7, as Clinchers replied with 49 for 4, to earn a six-wicket win. Curlan John made 28. Kamal Andrews picked up 3 for 29, bowling for Biabou.

And, Glen United defeated Dr. Thomas Injectors by four wickets.

Injectors got to 87 for 7 from their 20 overs. Leslie Alexander 29 and Augustine Corridon, 25, were the leading batsmen. Wayne Garraway, 2 for 4, and Keron Browne, 2 for 10, claimed the majority of wickets for Glen.

Maxie Hackshaw then made a topscore of 37, as Glen successfully chased a target of 89 for 6. Augustine Corridon snared 2 for 14 in a losing cause for Injectors.(RT)