August 30, 2011
Top Bequia Basketballers get rewards

The top performers in the 13th Bequia Basketball Tournament received their recompense last Sunday night at the Clive Tannis Hard Court in Bequia, as the 2011 edition shut its doors.{{more}}

Securing the Most Points in the First Division was Duke’s Jonas King, with 139 points. King also had the Most Rebounds, 119, with East Blazers’ Keon Mc Fee taking the Most Steals trophy with 28.

The Most Assists was recorded by Gladiatorz’s Colin Blugh, who had 25 to his name, with the Most Blocks going to Bequia Tech Rising Stars’ Gregg Friday, who accounted for 17 in 8 games.

The Most Improved Player, from 2010 to 2011, was Kirstin Lampkin of Bequia Tech Rising Stars, the 2011 winners.

The First Division MVP’s were Craiglee Sam- Rising Stars, Jonas King – Duke, Cosmus Hackshaw- Gladiatorz, Kendall Cumberbatch- East Blazers and Keon Skinner- Warriaz.

Jonas King was the Overall MVP, with 139 points and 119 rebounds. The Winning Coach was Orson Delpesche.

In the Second Division, it was an Orlando Blugh’s show.

Blugh copped the Overall MVP with 111 points, 78 rebounds, 12 assists, 18 steals, 24 blocks, done in six games.

Blugh also recorded the Most Points, Most Rebounds and Most Blocks.

The Most Steals was recorded by Mark Browne of Young Blazers, with 27 in 6 games and the Most Assists provided by Ashboure Phillips of Young Wizards, with 20 in 6 games.

The Most Improved Player was Xavaghn Dennie.

Orlando Blugh was voted his team’s MVP, so too was Jason Ollivierre for Young Blazers, Jefferson Goodluck for Young Duke and Anthony Ellis for Rising Stars Two.

In the Under-16 Division, the Most Points went to Young Wizards’ Jermaine John, with 26 points from 4 games.

Hornets’ Lennox Ince had the Most Rebounds, 29 also from four games.

The Most Steals was done by Hornets’ Kaicy Peniston, 37 in 4 games, with the Most Assists, 4, recorded by Young Wizards’ Marshroy Dublin.

The Most Blocks, 5, went to Rivaldo Gordon of Titans.

Hawks’ MVP was Tashroy Mc Intosh, with Selicia Hazell copping it for Rockets, Sydian Warner for Titans; Marshroy Dublin- Young Wizards and Kaicy Peniston- Hornets.

Peniston was the Overall MVP of the Division with 18 points, 8 rebounds, 2 assists, 37 steals and 1 block, with Sydian Warner copping the MVP of the Series.

Rex Pollard, of the winning team Titans, secured the trophy for the winning Coach.