Netball Head calls for introspection
July 8, 2011
Netball Head calls for introspection

President of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Netball Association, Godfrey Harry, has called for those who are directly involved in the sport of Netball to do some self-reflection.{{more}}

Harry made this recommendation at the Closing and Presentation Ceremony of the Digicel National Club Tournament, which took place Sunday, 26th June, at the Kingstown Netball Centre.

In his address, Harry said: “We need to introspectively examine our reason for our involvement in Netball, and only then should we seek to move forward”.

Harry was speaking against the backdrop of the many challenges his Executive faced in the execution of this year’s tournament.

“I am recommending that some of our teams try to further their development by playing Netball at the community level and develop the structures within their organization before, and I repeat before, coming to the national tournament level,” Harry said forcefully.

Among the challenges faced by the organizers was that of defaulting of matches.

“Too many of the teams are unable to endure playing Netball for the entire national tournament, and this has led to teams being expelled from the tournament after defaulting two games,” Harry stated.

“I am further suggesting that these teams be excluded from the 2012 Tournament. We need to establish some standards and maintain them in order to upgrade this prestigious tournament,” he added.

“We talk about discipline, respect, values and, above all, commitment to the game of Netball, as gone are the days when netballers simply played because they earnestly wanted to play the game”, the first male President of the modern national Netball administrative body commented.

“We are often told that nothing that is good in life comes easy. We have to be mindful that criticisms coupled with all manner of obstacles will surface, but know that these can only make you stronger. After all, we are proudly sponsored by Digicel – the bigger, better network, hence we have to prove ourselves to be, bigger and better in our game, and furthermore, transfer that to our lives,” the Netball head stated.

Harry used the occasion to congratulate those who endured to the end, stating: “I know that at times it must have been difficult, but your sacrifices and perseverance have proven your strength of character.”

Also speaking at last Sunday’s closing was Director of Sports and Physical Education, Nelson Hillocks, who was standing in for Minister of National Mobilisation, Youth, Sports, etc, Hon. Frederick Stephenson.

This year’s tournament saw the participation of 35 teams from 24 clubs. (RT)