Grassroot lauds Da Silva brothers
June 24, 2011
Grassroot lauds Da Silva brothers

Head of the Grassroot Tennis Club Grant Connell has lauded the efforts of Da Silva brothers, Casper and Bertille, as the “god fathers” of the sport of Tennis.{{more}}

Grant made this pronouncement last week Thursday as he outlined the plans for the club’s annual summer programme.

The Grassroot Tennis Club is located on Murray’s Road, on the property owned by the brothers.

Connell said that they deserve such an honour, as when they bought the property over thirty years ago, “they let it remain as a Tennis court, where whoever is or was a champion in St. Vincent and the Grenadines played on those courts”.

“They (the Da Silvas) played a major role in breaking down the social barriers in Tennis by allowing people, who could not play there prior to their purchasing it,” Connell recalled.

This trend has continued today, as Connell has been given permission by the Da Silvas to repair the courts and other structures on the property, which is today the home of the Grassroot Tennis Club, catering for young persons who are unable to pay a coach.

“The two brothers being grassroot themselves, from younger days, have grown to be top business men with a social conscience,” Connell remarked.

“If the other sports can get businessmen to support the growth of those disciplines as the Da Silva brothers have supported Tennis, sport in general would be better off,” Connell, a former national youth Tennis player added.

Among the club’s plans is a three-week Summer Camp, the second edition, which starts on Monday, July 11, culminating with a one week tournament, thereafter.

Before that, on Saturday July 9, the Grassroot Tennis Club will stage a Moonlight Boat Ride to the Leeward coast, as a Carnival Cool Down.

Also being planned by the club is an upgrade of the hard court at Byera Hill to assist in the development of young Tennis players from that area, who have shown a lot of interest in the sport.

Through the efforts of Grassroot, several players from that locale have begun to emerge.

“We notice already that some of the talent that we have unearthed have already been lured by other coaches, but this is great, as we can’t do it all, and once the coaches know what they are doing and are capable of helping the child to progress at the rate they should given the talent, we welcome that approach,” Connell said in humility and appreciation for his club’s initiatives.

And, in an effort to upkeep the facility, the Grassroot courts will be closed for one week from June 29, as Quality Paints will spruce up the courts with the conspicuous blue paint.

The Grassroot Tennis club was expected last Wednesday, June 22, to head to Bequia to assist about 20 children with special needs on the island, giving them some exposure to Tennis.

The year and a half old Grassroot set up, has done similar outreach programmes in North Leeward, Canouan, Mayreau and Union Island. (RT)