April 5, 2011
Vincy boat in Bermuda race

A Briand 76 named LILLA, hailing from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, will be competing in the Marion to Bermuda Cruising Yacht Race on June 17.{{more}}

It is the most recent entry in the tournament.

So far, 53 boats have stepped up to the challenge.

The race, which is expected to be challenging and exhilarating, covers 645 nautical miles.

Since its inception in 1977, the spirit of the 645-mile Marion-Bermuda Race is created by the fact that all yachts and crew are participating for the joy and pleasure of sailing, competition and the camaraderie that accompanies such an offshore event. The race will start in Buzzards Bay off Marion, Massachusetts and finish off St. David’s Head, Bermuda.

The race provides an opportunity for cruising yachts and amateur crews to participate in an ocean race and a rendezvous in Bermuda. It encourages the development of blue water sailing skills, on seaworthy yachts that can be handled safely offshore with limited crew.