Thomas cops double awards
March 18, 2011
Thomas cops double awards

His consistency and discipline stood out above others on a short list, and earned Searchlight sports reporter Rohan Thomas an extra accolade at the National Sports Award this year.{{more}}

Thomas, a teacher at the C W Prescod Primary School, not only walked away with the Spots Journalist award for the fourth straight year, but was also named the Chairman’s Choice for his prestigious award, at the ceremony which took place on Saturday, March 12, at the Arnos Vale Playing Field.

Chairman of the National Sports Council Carlton ‘Teddy’ James, speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, said that his decision to select Thomas for this award was based on the fact that he sees discipline and commitment in the work and attitude of the writer, a resident of the Sion Hill community.

“I’ve been present at almost every opening and closing ceremony for the different leagues around the country and he is there… the mere fact that he won the Sports Journalist award shows that he is consistent in terms of, he doesn’t take any particular bias; he writes the stories relevant to the circumstances; that’s what I admire about him.”

James said that he hopes the award would inspire Thomas to continue the work that he has been doing over the years, and motivate others to follow in Thomas’ footsteps, by doing their best at whatever sports related field that they may be involved.

“I’m hoping that other persons; not only journalists, those who have various talents that could help sports in whatever possible way, could see that it’s worth it…. It could be a health care provider, it could be a fan… it could be anyone.”

James, who has been chairman of the NSC for the past three years, said that it was not a tough decision to select Thomas as his choice.

He said that Thomas’ ability to be frank and critical of even the organizations that he is affiliated to in his commentaries and columns mirrored his (James) own character.

“I want to wish him well and hope he continues in that vein, and I hope other people will be inspired in the accolades bestowed on him.”

Thomas has been a sports reporter for the past 13 years, and is affiliated to a number of sports associations, teams and leagues in his community as well as nationally.

Searchlight congratulates Thomas on his achievements.