December 7, 2010
Road racing season climaxes

The 2010 road racing season came to an end on Sunday, November 28, with the hosting of the Log Enterprises North Leeward 5K race, staged by the Road Races and Cross-Country Commission of Team Athletics SVG.{{more}}

The event, the most gruelling of the series, was run in rainy conditions. The 71 athletes who started the race had to negotiate hilly terrain and meandering roads, from Troumaca Bay to the Beach Front Bar and Restaurant at Fitz-Hughes.

This was reflected in the times returned, which were slower than the Rabacca to Byera Hill race, staged two weeks earlier.

Under-19 male champion Ezra Samuel and undefeated open female champion Lisa Daniel ended the series without blemish on their record, as they won all their races.

Samuel recorded another triumph, as he clocked 21 minutes, 53.50 seconds, with Caswell Lewis second in 23 minutes, 03.72 seconds. Third in that category was Antonio John in 23 minutes, 38.57 seconds.

Daniel finished her race in 25 minutes, 37.39 seconds. Second to her, was Sandrieka Hooper in 31 minutes, 07.37 seconds, while third place went to Alicia Cox in a time of 34 minutes, 32.66 seconds.

Nadia Delpesche won the Female Under-19 in a time of 28 minutes, 10.50 seconds, with Linda Mc Dowall second in 28 minutes, 35.72 seconds and third, Amanda Francois, in 34 minutes, 54.83 seconds.

Shammon Hooper had lots of reasons to celebrate when he defeated Jamal Williams to take the Male Under-15 title. He clocked 24 minutes, 11.96 seconds, ahead of Jamal Williams, 24 minutes, 23.08 seconds. Williams had defeated Hooper earlier in the Byera Hill race. Ryan John placed third in a time of 25 minutes, 34.82 seconds.

Fulicia Creese won the Female Under-15 top prize, in 28 minutes, 09. 81 seconds. Taking the second spot was Kathy Sutherland in 30 minutes, 28.40 seconds. Third place in the category was secured by Tara Joseph in 31 minutes, 41.63 seconds.

The Open Male segment was won by Pamenos Ballantyne, who was fresh from taking the Montserrat Soufriere Volcano Half Marathon, the previous day.

Ballantyne’s winning time was 20 minutes, 22.53 seconds. Yurnic Nanton placed second in 23 minutes, 35.95 seconds and third was Lawrence Arthur in 27 minutes, 57.1 seconds.

The Veterans’ category had three competitors: two males and one female.

Caswin Prince was the first to finish in 23 minutes, 37.26 seconds, with the lone female runner, Margurite Douglas clocking 33 minutes, 53.80 seconds and Mike Dorlan, in third place with 38 minutes, 14.69 seconds.

Seventy-two persons started the race, with 71 reaching the finish line.

The road racing calendar kicked off with the Round D Town Road Relay, followed by the National Properties Cross-Country race.

The Sion Hill Sprint, the North Windward 5K and the Rabacca to Byera Hill 5K continued the programme thereafter. (RT)