October 15, 2010
Seasoned athletes dominate Cross Country Race

It was the customary athletes who dominated the National Properties Cross Country Run which took place last Sunday afternoon at the Diamond Estate.{{more}}

As expected, the female open category was won by Lisa Daniel of X-Cel in 16 minutes 0.08 seconds. Sandreka Hooper was second, and third was Alicia Cox also of X-cel.

Hooper and Cox clocked 17 minutes 54 .74 seconds and 19 minutes 43 .41 seconds respectively.

The open females had to run the 600m course six times.

In the Open male category, Dwight Baptiste of X-Cel took advantage of the absence of the perennial winner of the event, Pamenos Ballantyne, as he clocked 18 minutes 03.07 seconds.

Yurnic Nanton of the Petit Bordel Secondary was second in 18 minutes 45.51 seconds, and Jolan Cato of X-cel third in 19 minutes 25.15 seconds. They were required to do the course eight times.

Ezra Samuel distanced the others in the Male Under-19, as he and the other competitors ran the course six times. Samuel’s time was 13 minutes 16. 58 seconds. Antonio John docked in second in 13 minutes 18.27 seconds, and third was Caswell Lewis in 13 minutes 20.40 seconds. John and Lewis represented the Petit Bordel Secondary.

Nadia Delpesche appeared not to break much of a sweat as she completed the four laps to easily win the Female Under 19. Delpleche of X- Ceed Sports Club won in a time of 10 minutes 28.14 seconds. Eslyn Small of the Bethel High School trailed her into in second place in a time of 10 minutes 43.49 seconds. Linda Mc Dowall of X-Cel in 11 minutes 04.06 seconds was third.

Shamon Hooper, a noted Under-15 cricketer, won the Boys under-15 category, as he completed his four laps in 9 minutes 53 seconds. Hooper ran for the Petit Bordel Secondary School.

Ryan John of the Bishop’s College Kingstown was second in 10 minutes 26.01 seconds, and third was Future Stewart of the Troumaca Secondary. His time was 11 minutes 02.04 seconds.

Fulicia Creese of the Petit Bordel Secondary was first in the Girls’ Under-15. Her winning time was 9 minutes 59.36 seconds, beating Teresha Edwards also of the Petit Bordel Secondary into second place.

Edwards’ time was 8 minutes 11.63 seconds, and third was Kevisha Williams of the George Stephens Secondary in 8 minutes 33.79 seconds.

The Under-15 females were required to traverse the course three times.

The Cross Country race was the second event on the Road Races calendar, following the hosting of the Round D Town Road Relay on September 26.

This Sunday will see the Log Enterprises Sion Hill Sprint. (RT)