September 7, 2010
Local bodybuilder / administrator passes

John Mc Lean, who served the sport of Bodybuilding for many years, was expected to be laid to rest yesterday at the Fair Hall Cemetery.{{more}}

Mc Lean, 62, died last week Monday, August 30, at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, after a brief illness.

At the time of his death, Mc Lean was lecturer at the St. Vincent Community College, where he taught Economics.

He is remembered by one of his students as a person who always made the class lively, while keeping focus on the task at hand.

The current Upper Six student of that St. Vincent Community College said that Mc Lean always encouraged them to study hard and was willing to help them as much as he was able.

Additionally, Mc Lean conducted Evening Classes at the C W Prescod Primary School for persons sitting A level Economics.

Mc Lean was also a former teacher of English Language at the St. Vincent Grammar School in the 1980’s, before he moved to the civil service, where he worked as a Statistician in the Central Planning Division in the Ministry of Finance and Planning.

It was from this post that he retired.

He, along with Steve Victory and others, last year tried to revive the sport of Bodybuilding, which he held dear to his heart.

Mc Lean has served the sport nationally as an administrator in various capacities.

Mc Lean was married with children. (RT)