August 13, 2010
Coaches get the Liverpool experience

Getting first hand experience of the Liverpool way of football coaching was what three Vincentian coaches got as they spent three days at the Liverpool Football Academy in England recently.{{more}}

The three, Roger Gurley, Ralph Stowe and Ezhorne Alexander returned to the state last week Thursday afternoon.

They were the coaches who made the final cut, through a screening process which was held here on May 4 this year and conducted by Head of Liverpool’s International Soccer School Adam Flynn and David Fairclough, a former Liverpool first team player.

The Vincentian trio will in turn man the Football Academy at the multi million dollar Buccament Bay Resorts.

Gurley has been appointed Head Coach, with Stowe and Alexander as his understudies.

Speaking of his sojourn, Alexander, who has the least experience in Football coaching, told SEARCHLIGHT: “It was good experience and has impacted on me a lot.”

Alexander said that while in England, he had a group of 5 to 7 year olds to deal with and learnt a lot from working along with the more seasoned coaches attached to the Academy.

“Working with the children, it was all about letting them have fun, while playing Football,” Alexander remarked.

Similarly, Stowe said that the outing exposed him to new ideas of doing drills, but in a different way from which he knew.

Stowe, who worked with the 10 to 11 age group, said that it was also his first time working with children from different places, as their stay coincided with a camp which was taking place at the Academy.

Meanwhile, Head Coach Gurley thought that his experience has given him a new focus.

“It was a privilege to be the first Vincentian to be chosen by a foreign club, and one as big as Liverpool, to work here on their behalf,” Gurley said with some gratification.

“It also shows the trust and confidence they have in me, to spread the gospel of Football, the Liverpool way,” he said.

Gurley, who is also a FIFA accredited referee, said that while at the Academy, he was revered by the children who were exposed to his coaching.

“They made me feel like a celebrity, asking for my autograph,” Gurley said.

The Head Coach is cognizant of his responsibilities, because as a new venture, “We have to make sure that it works.”

Gurley, Stowe and Alexander are awaiting the opening of the resort and the full operations of the academy, as they are eager to deliver the Liverpool way. (RT)