President of SVGNA speaks up
July 20, 2010
President of SVGNA speaks up

President of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Netball Association (SVGNA) Godfrey Harry did not hide his disappointment at the spate of defaulted matches in the just concluded Digicel National Club Tournament.{{more}}

Speaking at the closing and presentation ceremony last Wednesday, July 14, at the Kingstown Netball Center, Harry said, “We experienced a sense of disappointment in the five teams whom we had to expel from the tournament after defaulting two games.”

These teams were identified as Hillview Two, Inter Secondary Schools Two, Inter Secondary Schools Under-16, Everready Future Stars and KCCU Progressors.

There were several matches that were won by the default route, especially following the break in mid June to make way for the hosting of the ECCB OECS Under-23 Tournament.

The knock out competition felt the brunt of the defaulting with the final of Division 3, decided by one team, C & R Enterprises Sion Hill.

“Indeed, I am certain that the sponsors of those teams and the administrators are also disappointed,” said Harry, who was elevated to the top spot in February this year.

Unapologetic for the punitive actions handed down by his organization, Harry said: “The SVGNA however stands firm to our commitment of ensuring that we raise the standard of netball in SVG and have no regrets and apology in our decisions.”

Harry also acknowledged that there has been an overall fall off in the sport, which was once the pride and joy of Vincentians.

Prepared for the long haul, Harry, who is the first male President of the SVGNA, said, “Well we have a lot of work to do, as recently we have received information that SVG has fallen in our world rank due to our lack of participation at the international level over the last two years.

“Unfortunately I cannot fix that immediately. So here is our next plan of action, we will work our way back into the ranks, we will continue to train our youths at an early age so that ultimately our national teams will be fed,” said Harry, as he mapped out the pathway for a possible revival of fortunes.

This year’s tournament saw the participation of 36 teams from 24 clubs, split into four divisions. (RT)