July 20, 2010
Foyle calls for Caribbean Basketball team

Adonal Foyle is calling for the best basketball players in the Caribbean to join forces to form a strong regional unit.{{more}}

Foyle expressed this sentiment to SEARCHLIGHT on Saturday, July 17.

The first and lone Vincentian to play in the NBA, Foyle thinks that will do well in spreading the sport and honing collective skills among the region’s players.

“ I would like to see this as there is merit to rival the West Indies Cricket team,” Foyle opined.

“Here the best players in the region can represent us against the world,” Foyle added.

Strengthening his call for a regional team, Foyle said, “Out there, we are not seen as Vincentians, Trinidadians, but as people from the Caribbean.”

Foyle, 35, started his basketball career in the NBA in 1997, as an eighth first round draft pick, with the Golden State Warriors.

He said with a regional outfit players will develop and can be more marketable for the bigger stage.

Foyle admitted that travelling to the USA to play basketball and at the same time pursue an education, as a teenager, was a life changing experience for him.

Foyle said he wants to spread the message of establishing a regional team throughout the Caribbean

Two weeks ago, through his brainchild, the Kerosene Lamp Foundation Athletics and Academics Island Camp, close to 500 children were exposed to the sport as well as HIV/AIDS awareness, healthy eating habits and sports psychology in Trinidad and Tobago.

The previous camps were held here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, but Foyle sees the spreading of the camps to other Caribbean territories as a way of helping to push his aspirations of a regional basketball team.

Foyle said his entourage and him were well embraced by the Trinidadians at the camp. (RT)