VINLEC to adopt young Vincentian batsman
April 16, 2010
VINLEC to adopt young Vincentian batsman

A young Vincentian batsman is in line for sponsorship from local power company, VINLEC.

Chief Executive Officer of the company Thornley Myers, made that revelation last week Wednesday evening at the Methodist Church Hall, as he spoke on behalf of the power companies of the four Windward Islands.{{more}}

Myers was addressing the closing ceremony of the 2010 Windward Islands Power Companies Windwards Under-19 Cricket Tournament.

“Don’t know who the player is, but the player will be the most outstanding batsman player on the St. Vincent team,” Myers said.

“The sponsorship will come with rules and regulations. We are providing people’s money, so we will need accountability. We will not detail the amount in dollars and cents,” Myers, a former St. Vincent and the Grenadines Under-19 cricketer outlined.

Myers added that VINLEC wants to ensure that the individual continues in school. The person, therefore, will be provided with a stipend to assist with his preparation for the sport.

“We would want to see that cricketer stay in school, and we want to see results. We don’t want to take the place of the parents, but rather work with the parents,” the VINLEC CEO advanced.

“We also believe the game is not only played on the cricket pitch. You have to be physically and mentally developed to play the game,” he added.

Giving details about the initiative, Myers revealed that his company will pay the individual’s gym fees.

“The company will provide a monthly stipend for that individual to move to and from in the preparation of the sport,” Myers stated.

In making some observations of the tournament, Myers said he would like to see players dressing more appropriately for the sport.

“I saw players in three different sorts of uniforms. Traditionally Cricket is white clothing. The national association has the responsibility to make sure players come to the tournament properly attired,” Myers said, as one area that needs improvement.

The 2011 Windwards Under-19 Tournament is set for Grenada.(RT)