Harry feels snubbed
March 12, 2010
Harry feels snubbed

Newly elected President of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Netball Association (SVGNA), Godfrey Harry said that he felt snubbed after not being invited to the closing ceremony of the National Primary Schools Netball Competition.{{more}}

Harry was evidently absent at the ceremony held at the Kingstown Netball Centre (KNC) following the final match.

He, however, turned up at the venue for other purposes which coincided with the time the ceremony was being staged.

When contacted, Harry told SEARCHLIGHT that he was not invited to the ceremony.

He also revealed that his only knowledge of the competition was when the Chairperson of the Schools’ Netball Sub-Committee Joan Foster-Baynes, sent to get from him through one of the young males on the Youth Empowerment Service (YES) the keys for the Kingstown Netball Centre.

Harry, who holds the keys for the facility, said he handed them to the young man in good spirit.

He further pointed out that no formal correspondence came to the SVGNA Secretariat concerning the use of the KNC.

Not prepared to go on a personal vendetta, Harry stated he would not hold any grudges over the matter of being snubbed.

The first male elected President of the SVGNA, Harry said he is aware that there are forces working against his elevation and that it was more of a gender issue than anything else.

“But I am bigger than that. All I want is to see Netball move on,” Harry said.

In previous years, former presidents of the SVGNA were on occasions asked to give remarks at the primary schools’ closing ceremonies.

Harry was elected to the post unopposed at the SVGNA’s Biennial General Meeting on February 15 this year. He is yet to preside over any public Netball function in his new capacity.

The 2010 National Club Netball Tournament is set for opening on Sunday, March 21. (RT)