Green Grasshoppers dominate Canouan Government School (C.G.S) Sports Meet
March 12, 2010
Green Grasshoppers dominate Canouan Government School (C.G.S) Sports Meet

by Ian Rhynd 12.MAR.10

A new champion was crowned on Thursday, 4th March, at the Canouan Government School Inter House Athletics Sports Meet.{{more}}

Green (Grasshopper) House on 265 points dethroned Red (Roses) with 226 points into second place, and Yellow(Sunflower) on 215 occupying the cellar position.

The championship was contested in four categories/divisions, Age 5 , 6-7, 8-9 and 10-12 year old.

Victor Ludorum – Dominique Pierre of Green Grasshopper with 35 points.

Victrix Ludorum – Adero Da Silva of Red Roses with 28 points.

The championships in the various divisions were as follows:

Categories 5 year old males: Holson DeRoche, House: Grasshopper; Points14. Female: Laurel Shallow, House: Sunflower, Points 21

6-7 year old Stignel Robertson Grasshopper 21

Dre Ann DyerGrasshopper 14

8-9 year old Secquwond Jacobs Grasshopper 21

Sarafina Haynes Roses 14

10 -12 year old Dominique Pierre Grasshopper 35

Adero DaSilva Roses 28

Brief addresses were heard from Headteacher Bertina Sandy and Chris Adams, Sports Officer for the Southern Grenadines.

On Saturday, March 13, a team of athletes will travel to Union island to take part in the Southern Grenadines Zonal Athletics championship, which will take place at the Clifton Playing Field on March 15.

Schools in the Southern Grenadines include Canouan Government, Mayreau Government, Stephanie Brown and Mary Hutchinson Primary.