‘Renew your minds,’ says Adams
February 26, 2010
‘Renew your minds,’ says Adams

KEYNOTE Speaker at the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF) Prize Giving Ceremony Dr. Lennox Adams said that the renewal of one’s minds is a prerequisite if sports management in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is to take on a professional approach.{{more}}

Speaking on the topic: “Need for a more professional approach towards Sports Management,” Adams hinged his presentation on Romans 12:2, which entails the transformation of the human being in their endeavours by the renewing of mind.

Adams, a former national 400m runner and triple jumper, listed several areas of sports which are in need of a renewal, stating: “Sports is a dress rehearsal for life.”

Among the changes that he advocates is for persons to cease their use of banned substances.

A medical doctor by profession, Adams said that there is enough scientific evidence that substances like marijuana and cocaine impair the cognitive ability of a person.

He added that even if there is doubt about the negative effect of the drugs, the fact that the drugs in question are illegal and outlawed by football’s governing body FIFA should be enough reason not to use them.

He implored those footballers present at the ceremony held last Saturday evening at the Methodist Church Hall not to let their personal actions jeopardize their entire team, and by extension St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Adams, also a noted local photojournalist, called for a change in regard to people’s time.

He reminded the audience that no longer is football a sweat in the backyard, but a multi million dollar business internationally. Hence, even on the local front, adherence to punctuality must be an innate trait, if this country is to get to the next level.

Adams requested that clubs begin to take on the business of football seriously and seek to raise funds on their own, and adopt a professional approach to clubbing.

He questioned how many of the clubs have started to prepare for the next Caribbean Football Union club championships, in the event they first get over the local hurdle of winning the Premier Division.

Adams, the first President of this country’s National Olympic Committee, also called for an improved work ethic by local footballers.

He was bold to say that present day footballers will not achieve what the1979 team did, as among many of them there is not the proper attitude.

Adams reminded: “Ability and talent are not enough.”

Additionally, he called on footballers “to think of yourselves as role models… guard your life.”

Adams was at that point scolding footballers and spectators alike for the proliferation of obscenities that are heard at the several playing fields across the state.

He also called on sportsmen and women to not just be satisfied to be the best on his/her team, but always strive for being world class and a world beater, as “there is no glory in coming second.”

Joining him in addressing last Saturday’s ceremony were President of the SVGFF Joseph Delves, Product Development Officer of the National Lotteries Authority Anthony Dennie, Minister of Sports Mike Browne, and Arnold Dalrymple, also of the SVGFF.(RT)