February 19, 2010
Staff House wins GHS Athletics Meet

Staff House, with a total of 521 points, emerged winners of the Girls’ High School Athletics Meet staged last week Thursday at the Arnos Vale Playing Field. Staff House broke their long drought, having last won the title in 2001.{{more}}

Second was Moffet House, with nine points fewer on 512 points. A close third was Headmistress House, the 2009 winners, with 507 points.

Bringing up the rear was Grimble House with 421 points. Grimble, though, took the March Past title.

The Junior Champion was Afeisha Robinson of Grimble House, who contributed 35 points.

Intermediate Champion went to Siara Goodluck of Staff House. Goodluck collected 48 points, and was declared Victrix Ludorum, ahead of Senior Champion Chenise Hendrickson, also of Staff House.

Hendrickson also finished with 48 points. The top performers received their awards on Monday, February 15, at the school’s General Assembly. (RT)