Replication! Winners retain their top spots
November 6, 2009
Replication! Winners retain their top spots

As was the case with the previous weekend’s 5K road race put on by Team Athletics SVG as part of its road racing calendar, all winners retained their top spots when the Log Enterprises North Leeward 5K was run from Troumaca Hill to Chateaubelair last Sunday afternoon.{{more}}

However, with a more gruelling hilly terrain to contend with, coupled with scorching temperatures, all the top finishers improved on their times.

Buoyed by the many appreciative persons who lined the route, and the refreshing Caribbean Sea, the 54 athletes who faced the starter’s gun were provided with the perfect backdrop for excelling.

Maintaining their first places in their respective categories were Dwight Baptiste, Lisa Daniel, Caswell Lewis, Fulicia Creese, Yurnic Nanton and Nadia Delplesche.

Baptiste, of Country Roots, was the first to cross the finish line at the Beach Front Restaurant, to the strains of Classic Groovers, a four-member band from the North Leeward area. Baptiste clocked 22 minutes 17.47 seconds to win the open category. He was involved in a near photo finish with Nanton of the Petit Bordel Secondary School, who clocked 22 minutes, 18.92 seconds.

Winning the female open was veteran athlete Daniel, who did so in a time of 27 minutes, 29.08 seconds.

Creese of the Petit Bordel Secondary was the winner in the female Under-15 category, with Caswell Lewis, also of the Petit Bordel Secondary, the winner among the males. Creese’s time was 29 minutes 15.40 seconds, and Lewis finished in 23 minutes 0.88 seconds.

Delplesche of X-Ceed Sports Club again took the female Under-19 in a time of 28 minutes 47.48 seconds and Nanton of the Petit Bordel Secondary, the winner of the male Under-19 category.

The next best in the open male was Kenron Daniel of X-Ceed, with Jolann Cato of Country Roots rounding off the top three finishers in that category.

Daniel was followed by another unattached athlete Sheva Butcher, and third,after a 20-year layoff from competitive athletics, was Urel Laborde, representing Hotty Vibes.

Replicating the previous weekend’s placing, and once more second to Creese, was Anada Francois, also of Petit Bordel Secondary School, and third was Tara Joseph of the Adelphi Secondary.

Trailing Lewis in the male Under-15 was Shammon Hooper also of the Petit Bordel Secondary in the male Under-19. Brandon Parris of the Thomas Saunders Secondary took the third spot, as another replication occurred.

Second in the female Under-19 was Sandrika Hooper of the Petit Bordel Secondary, and third was Linda Mc Dowald of the St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua.

Completing the top three male Under-19 finishers were Antonio John and Ezra Samuel of Petit Bordel Secondary, in a clean sweep for that institution.

Fourty-four athletes finished the race.

This weekend is the turn of North Windward area, when another Log Enterprises sponsored 5K event will take place from the Rabacca Bridge and finishes at Byera Hill. (RT)