The show will go on!
August 28, 2009
The show will go on!

The body building championships set for this Saturday, August 29, at Peace Memorial Hall, Kingstown, under the aegis of a Steve Victory led Executive of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Amateur Body Building Power Lifting and Fitness Federation (SVGABBFF) will go ahead as planned, according to John Mc Lean.{{more}}

However, questions are being raised as to the legitimacy of the body hosting the event.

A notice published in this week’s edition of Searchlight under the letterhead of the SVGABBFF states that the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Amateur Bodybuilding Power Lifting and Fitness Federation will not be holding a championship on Saturday, 29th August, 2009.

The notice further advises the public that Steve Victory and John McLean are not Members of the Executive of the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Amateur Bodybuilding Power lifting and Fitness Federation Executive and warns “any representation made by them in this regard are fraudulent.”

However, Mc Lean produced documents to SEARCHLIGHT last Wednesday showing that elections to the national body were held March 4, this year, at the Doris Mc Kie Resource Centre at Cane Hall.

According to the documents, those elected include: President – Steve Victory, Treasurer – John Mc Lean, Secretary- Vaughn Martin, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer- Shannel Nanton, Public Relations Officer- Javal Frank, with Committee Members- Ulrick White, Elizabeth Thompson, Odley Spence, Gregory Harry and Weightlifting Coach, Matthew Llewelyn.

Recounting the events leading up to the March 4, elections, Mc Lean unearthed a letter dated 18th December 2008, calling on body builders and owners of gyms to rescue the sport.

He also produced a petition to this effect signed by 25 persons.

Additionally, Mc Lean showed SEARCHLIGHT a letter addressed to Korean Williams, who was the last elected President of the SVGABPFF, requesting that she meet with a delegation from the “Concerned Bodybuilding Enthusiasts”, and the Minister of Sports, Michael Browne, at his office.

Mc Lean said that Victory had hand delivered the letter to Rechanne Browne-Matthias, who he said is Williams’ “under study”, but Williams never showed for the meeting.

“She acknowledged knowing about the letter because she phoned me at my home on the matter,” Mc Lean said.

Mc Lean said that this paved the way for the holding of the elections.

“We are the legal body,” Mc Lean reiterated.

Mc Lean, however, said that his group will be seeking legal advice on the matter as soon as tomorrow’s event is out of the way.

He said since the March 4th elections, they have been travelling throughout the country encouraging the setting up of gyms.

Saturday’s championships will be in three classes – Novice, Mr. SVG, and Senior Mr. SVG.

The Mr. East/West St George’s Contest is open to bodybuilders who live and train in gyms in those areas.

The Novice category is for bodybuilders who have never competed, while the Senior Mr. SVG is open to all body builders.

Four seasoned bodybuilders are named to compete for the Mr. SVG title, in Desmond Shallow, Kenrick Title of Silver’s Gym, Dimitri Williams and Kenville Spring of Good Samaritan Gym.

The new entrants should be Richard Morris of the Spa Vale Fitness Gym and Daine King from the King’s Gym.

Other attractions will be Karate, Cultural Dance by the Avenues Dancers and a special appearance by songster Shernelle “Skarpyon’ Williams.

Tomorrow’s event is set to begin at 8 pm.