March 20, 2009
Bascombe wins at Sion Hill sports

Members of Bascombe house wore their bright yellow shirts proudly last Thursday as their house was awarded first place in the Sion Hill Government School Sports.

The meet, which took place on February 20, 2009, is a comeback of sorts for the event, as it had been absent for about three years. However, with the help of parents, teachers, and sponsors, the school sports came back with a bang.{{more}}

The students, decked out in their blue (Nicholas), red (Mckie), yellow (Bascombe) and green (Mulraine) house shirts, gathered at the Sion Hill playing field pavilion for the prize giving ceremony, which followed the events. Cheering for their houses, the children were truly excited as they waited to see which house would emerge victorious. The students were, however, reminded that not winning does not necessarily make them a failure.

“It is a necessary part of learning and growing,” President of the Parent-Teacher Association Cheryl Bascombe stated, while speaking at the prize giving ceremony. This learning and growing entails students learning from their mistakes, and using them as an opportunity to become better persons. Bascombe also urged the students to explore new interests and hobbies and to stay away from bad thoughts and habits. “Those are negative things that lead to negative consequences,” she said

Also speaking at the ceremony, Headteacher Verona Richards expressed her thanks to persons who played an important part in reintroducing the Sion Hill sports, including the teachers who she said “worked assiduously to make sure that the sports came off successfully.”

The houses were then rewarded for their excellence during their sports meet. Individual medals were awarded to students who gained the top three places in the various races. Trophies were also awarded to students who qualified as champions in the under seven, under nine, under eleven and under thirteen categories. The Victor Ludorum award went to Nathaniel Carrington of Bascombe House, while the Victrix Ludorum title went to Mashada Charles, also of Bascombe house. Overall winners were Bascombe house. Mckie House came in second, followed by Nicholas house and Mulraine house in third and fourth place, respectively.