May 9, 2008
Grant happy for Jamaican experience

In his first outing as a semi professional footballer, national player Marrian Grant wants to use his recent experience to bear on Vincy Heat’s sojourn in the upcoming World Cup Qualifiers.{{more}}

Grant returned last Wednesday after a three month stint with Jamaican Premier League club Village United.

The 27-year-old Grant, a utility player, played as an attacking midfielder in sixteen matches for his new club.

“I learned a lot from the outing. It was a good experience”, Grant told SEARCHLIGHT, minutes after his return on Wednesday.

Despite not scoring a goal, Grant said he created many assists, of which he counted eleven.

Recounting his initial baptism to the more demanding and structured daily training regimen, Grant referred to the first couple of weeks, as being, “difficult”.

His difficulty was his adjustments to the rigours of having to train twice per day, but fell into line.

“The standard of football over there is a high standard”, he opined.

Grant, from the Grenadine island of Bequia, had his lucky break, through the efforts of Kendale Mercury, a former Bequia resident, and a member of Village United coaching staff.

Apart from Grant, national striker Sean Glynn was part of Village’s roster. Village is coached by former Jamaica striker Paul “Tegat” Davis.

With his newly acquired experience under his belt, Grant is aiming to cement his place in Vincy Heat’s line up, and is hopeful that he finds favour with Technical Director Stewart John Hall.

Grant and Glynn journeyed from Jamaica two weeks ago to join Vincy Heat’s eleven day tour of Trinidad and Tobago.

New to many of the players, Grant sees “real talent”, among the young players.

“I believe we can do well against Canada, once we listen to the coach and work hard”, Grant said.

Currently playing for JeBelle FC in the local football competitions, Grant previously represented Bequia based team United Force, and journeyed to the mainland to play for Samba FC and St. Vincent Motors System 3. (RT)