October 26, 2007


Another page in this country’s football history was turned last week Saturday when lawyer Joseph Delves was installed as President of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation.{{more}}

Delves, who declared his candidacy about two weeks prior to the elections, ended the six year reign of the incumbent St. Clair Leacock.

In what was a keenly contested race, Delves edged out Leacock, 40-39, to secure a four-year mandate as head of the most popular sport here.

With an unprecedented 79 affiliates eligible to vote, the much anticipated meeting, especially with the elections as the focal point, was well attended.

Saturday’s Annual General Meeting, held at Football House, Murray’s Road, attracted more than just the affiliates, as interest soared beyond the football fraternity.

Live radio coverage and frisking of persons entering the meeting hall by members of the local constabulary ensured the near six-hour engagement was kept in line.

But the usual raucous outbursts associated with football meetings still found their way into the proceedings, especially when it came to the eligibility of some affiliates.

Not even the sticky issues of the audited financial statements and the examination of the stewardship of the executive for the past four years meant more than the election of officers to the four positions.

Leacock in his President’s Report detailed his executive’s achievements and outlined his plans, if elected.

His pronouncements of the shortcomings of some of his subordinates moved him to tears, as he believed more could have been accomplished, with greater effort.

This,t though, had little effect, as affiliates, gave the boot to all from the past executive who presented themselves for re-election.

The indefatigable Ian Sardine, who resigned the post of First Vice President in 2004, one year after convincingly winning it, disposed of Ashley Caine, Clyde Robinson and Paul Boucher.

Sardine totalled 40 votes to his closest challenger, Caine, who gained 30. Robinson, who occupied the Third Vice President in the last executive mustered 3 votes, and Boucher, a former Committee Member who was charged with youth development, scored a lone vote.

A five-way race for the Second Vice President position was won by Raymond Trimmingham. In the process, Trimmingham beat four members of the immediate past executive.

Trimmingham secured 35 votes to outgoing First Vice President Leopold Dopwell’s 31. The former Public Relations Officer got 4 votes, with Boucher and former General Secretary Earl Bennett securing a lone vote apiece.

Caine rebounded to take the Third Vice President position, as he left Williams, Robinson and Maxim James standing.

Caine led with 25 votes, Robinson 20, James 17, and Williams 6.

The affiliates are expected to meet in the upcoming weeks to fill the positions of the five committee members as well as the two Assistant Secretaries posts.

A General Secretary will also be appointed.

Outgoing President Leacock indicated to SEARCHLIGHT prior to Saturday’s meeting that he was willing to serve in the Delves led executive in another capacity.(RT)