George: Competition brings out the best in players
October 26, 2007

George: Competition brings out the best in players

by Robertson S. Henry 26.OCT.07

Digicel Corporate Communications Manager Jerry George was a very pleased man when he walked into the National Tennis Centre for the official Opening Ceremony of the Digicel ITF Junior Tennis Tournament. {{more}}

“It is certainly a great occasion for us at Digicel, in partnering once again with the youth in a very important sport,” George stated as he delivered the feature address at the official opening last evening.

George spoke of his experience at college that taught him to have more respect for the sport of tennis, “for it is hard work.”

He told the young players present that the world out there is one of competition. “The world is about competition, and I think that competition does a couple of things for us.”

He first pointed out that “competition helps us to innovate…and I would like to say to our young players that you have to learn to innovate.”

Competition not only brings out the best in players, but is also about performance.

According to George, “Sometimes you play against a team or a player who is not playing well. Suddenly your game comes down. But it takes stamina. It takes strength of character to ensure that you lift your game and dominate the person who is not doing well.”

He emphasized: “It is the nature of the game. Performance relies on speed, agility and power.”

Competition also produces productivity, which is looking at what you put in, and what you get out. “I believe that if you put in a little, you get out little.”

He told the players that if they put effort into their game, then the patrons will feel pleased in coming out and watching the matches, “for it would be worth their while in coming out to see.”

George added as he spoke directly to the players, “If you give it your best shot, if you put everything into it, this place would be filled as news gets about that there are some top class tennis players in this venue.”

He added that competition needs regulations and called on the players “to pay attention to those umpires and the rules of the umpires, and to play the sport within the rules of the sport.”

He further stated that “as young people, you must understand that life has its rules that must be adhered to. If you learn to adhere to those rules with the umpires, with the officials of the rematch, you not only will be a good player, you will be a great player.”