Bequia Basketball Tournament ends
September 14, 2007

Bequia Basketball Tournament ends

The 2007 Bequia Basketball Tournament ended last Saturday at the Clive Tannis Playing Field.

In the ninth edition of the Tournament, Duke, Gladiatorz and Hornets were in winners’ row in their respective divisions.{{more}}

Duke defeated East Blazers, 73 to 66, to take Division One, while Gladiatorz defeated Rising Stars II, 69 to 52, to retain their Division Two title. Hornets repeated their hold on the Under-16 Division.

Among the awardees, Bradford Duncan was named Division One Most Valuable Player of the Final.

The second division MVP went to Ben Andrews. The Under 16 Most Valuable Player was Liston Williams of Champions Hornets.

Duke’s head coach Seneca McIntosh was presented with the winning coach Trophy, with Shavian Farrell and Michael Peniston receiving the trophy, for their leadership from the bench for the second and Under 16 division, respectively.

Craiglee Sam was awarded Fist Division MVP. He had a 22.2 points per game, 10.6 rebounds per game, 1.0 assist per game, .2 steals per game and 1 block per game averages. Sam is attending college in Portland, USA, on scholarship. He tied with Duke big man centre Jonas King for the most rebounds, with 53 in 5 games. In the first division, other individual accomplishments included the most steals, which went to Keon McFee of East Blazers for the third consecutive year, with 13 in 6 games, while the most blocks went to Otice Lewis of Duke. Michael Peniston was adjudged the most improved player in 2007, and was also awarded most assists, with 12 in 6 games as well as East Blazers’ most valuable player. Bradford Duncan of Duke had the most points, with 112 in 5 games, and was adjudged Duke most valuable player.

Dominant centre in the second division, rookie of the year Damien Lewis, led his team Young Duke in statistics to take the overall Division most valuable player title. Lewis’ impressive list of awards included most points and most rebounds, with 208 and 155, respectively in 11 games. Other awards in that division included Most Steals, achieved by Lennox Hutchins, with 44 in 7 games, and Most Assists to Clem Williams, with 31 in 9 games. Garret Edwards, also of Young Duke, was adjudged the most improved player in the second division, and also had the most blocks, with 35 in 11 games.

Liston Williams of Championship team Hornets took that Division’s overall Most Valuable Player award.

His statistics of 11.33 points per game, 15.66 rebounds per game, 1.16 assists per game, 4.66 steals per game, and 1.16 blocks per game was commendable for anyone, much more a student who attends the School for Children with Special Needs in Bequia. He had the most rebounds in the young division, with 94 in 6 games, and the most blocks with 7 in 6 games.

Mark Dublin had the most steals and most assists, with 19 and 7 respectively, in 6 games. Kamal Hutchins of Young Wizards, John Miller of Eagles and Shantelle Joseph of Diamonds were adjudged their respective teams most valuable players. Daria Gordon of Diamonds had the most points in that division, with 72 in 5 games.(RT)