April 13, 2007
LOC opens Arnos Vale Playing Field to walkers

The Local Organising Committee for the ICC CWC 2007 has announced its decision to open the Arnos Vale Playing Field and its surroundings for limited use by the general public.

Effective immediately, the concrete road leading to the field, will be open to recreational and fitness walkers.{{more}}

This will be from 5.30am to 7.30am in the morning period, and 4.30pm to 6.30pm later in the day.

CEO of the LOC Mike Findlay has said that persons wishing to use the area for recreational walking will be required to check with the security at the main entrance, before entering the area.

Findlay also said that the LOC has secured conditional permission for the Arnos Vale, Stubbs and Sion Hill grounds to be used to facilitate the start of the 2007 cricket season from this weekend.

According to Findlay, “permission has been granted to use the fields, but there are certain guidelines, particularly in respect to branding, that we have to observe.”

The LOC is in the process of completing work on the main Arnos Vale playing field, Arnos Vale 2, and that area of the Sion Hill ground which will be used for football.