March 2, 2007
Cummings: The nation must ‘set the example’

This nation’s adult population has been challenged to “set the example”, for the young men and redirect their lives towards meaningful activities.

Issuing this challenge was Barrister at Law Andrew Cummings as he delivered the feature address at the 2006 National Sports Awards ceremony at the Peace Memorial Hall February 17.

Cummings made a plea of passion as he projected that the current trend “is getting out of hand” and if a check is not put, these young men can soon become “passengers and parasites”.{{more}}

“Our young men have strayed”, he opined.

He made reference to the “bling bling” culture that has consumed the time and minds of the young men, who according to him “are walking about aimlessly”.

“If you chill too much, you become cold”, Cummings, a former national athlete advised.

With oratory filled with passion, Cummings said “Life has other sides; life is not one dimensional, it is what you are inside that matters”.

On the contrary, Cummings said that the nation’s young females were “dominated, more organised and focussed”.

The former sprint athlete also observed that discipline and manners have seemingly left the classroom further compounding the existing situation.

Offering a parallel panacea, the lawyer suggested “we need to attack the education system”.

With the common thread of “the will must exceed the skill”, Cummings’ address pointed to the abundance of skill that our sportsmen and women possess, but thought they lacked the will.

Cummings made examples of persons who have achieved with the odds heavily stacked against them.

The awards ceremony was held under the theme “Pride and Patriotism in Sports”.